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The Gps Excavator Tracker & Bob Cat & Boat Gps Tracker Melbourne  

The Pro Car AT282-TT Gps tracker product is a part of our asset tracking line. Used Mainly to Track Out door earth moving Vehicles and also for Boat gps tracking. We have gps Excavator tracker and Gps Bob Cat Tracker. Unlike the BAT 50 it does require a power source; however it does contain an internal back up battery. This device is not supported by any of the continuous tracking plans.

We have specifically designed and engineered the unit to update on a daily basis. However this product is a hybrid, in that it will continuously track in 30 minute intervals, should an automatically generated perimeter fence be broken. The device, once stationary, will create its own perimeter (circular) fence of one mile diameter.

Gps Excavator Tracker & Bob Cat Tracker Melbourne

Features of our Pro Car AT282

The device can be installed to any asset that contains a 12 or 24 volt power source. Like all of the other FleetSat products, it can be a part of a universal solution, mixed with our other asset tracking and or continuous tracking devices all residing on a web based application all of which communicate on the AT&T Wireless GPRS data network.

The Pro Car AT282-TT Gps Tracker is built to withstand harsh environments and can function in up to 1 meter of water. Both the cellular and GPS antennas are completely integrated. The external case can be spray painted (using any non metallic paint) to Match the vehicle it is being installed in or on, including a internal motion sensor and internal battery. It can also monitor a PTO or secondary engine activity and includes the providing of engine run time data.

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