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Gps For Fleet Tracking Vehicles by Gps Tracking Melbourne
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Gps Fleet Tracking For Vehicles And Mini Excavators

Pro Car 390 is our mid entry level Fleet Tracking Device designed to enable a universal solution for 24/7 web based visibility and continuous tracking. This real time device will function on our 1 minute, 2 minute and 5 minute rate plans.

It is engineered and built with the quality components needed to meet the high reliability requirements this unit is always-on tracking device. The Pro Car 390 is a robust fleet device that will not only allow one sensor input but also support Remote Door Unlock and Starter Disable features.

The Pro Car 390 has been designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions also supported by our optional 3-year extended manufacturer’s warranty.

Target Market                                                                Gps For Tracking Vehicles and Mini Excavators

       Mini Excavators Tracking, Trucks,Couriers                             

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