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Gps Tracker for your Equipment or Vehicles

Gps Tracker cover Installation areas such as Melbourne,Sydney,Perth,Brisbane,Adelaide and more..Gps tracking provides the highest quality fleet management  &  asset Tracking solutions for your company, Custom Cars, Bob cats, mini excavators, everyday Vehicles, Boats, Jet skis,  Motor Bikes or recreational vehicle, we have piece of mind protection  for you.

Whether you are concerned about the security of your

Vehicle,Custom Car,Truck,Bus,motorcycle parked on the street, or your Boat or jetski parked in the garage or car port.

You don't even need to worry about your tool box on the back of work Ute’s with asset tracking, we know exactly where your assets are.

We can track it for you!
I Need Proof

Gps Tracking  for tracking vehicles is a very affordable peace of mind for people who don’t want to be another statistic. And if the worst were to happen, the location of your Work machine or vehicle is only 3 clicks away! As you can see under I Need Proof Article

Select a GPS Tracking Systems that best suits your Requirements.

Pro Car Gps for Tracking No1. Base Model    Connects to OBD2 Plug Designed specifically for ease of installation

This is a GPS Real Time Vehicle & Fleet Tracking device which can have you up and running in just a matter of minutes.

Gps Tracker Melbourne

Pro Car Gps for Tracking No2. Base model

Asset Tracking unit

The Pro Car 50 GPS battery powered asset tracking device is Cordless & designed for any mobile asset, like crates, generators containers and trailers

Gps Tracker Asset Toolboxes Melbourne

The Pro Car 390 Is our mid entry Gps For Tracking device this enables fleet managers to track their vehicles, effortlessly with real-time GPS. For use across Australia, our robust data network provides reliable information leading true savings for your company.

Gps For Tracking Fleet Vehicles

The Pro Car 500 is our hi end Gps for tracking systems for Fleet and asset tracking products. These new features will help fleet managers who have higher requirements than just tracking their Fleet. Vehicle path now has three tiers of fleet tracking and three tiers of offerings of asset tracking units for companies depending on their gps tracking needs.

Gps For Tracking Fleet Vehicles Melbourne

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The Pro Car AT282-TT Gps Tracker product is a part of our asset tracking line. Used Mainly to Track Out door earth moving Vehicles. We have gps Excavator tracker and Gps Bob Cat Tracker. Unlike the BAT 50 it does require a power source; however it does contain an internal back up battery. This device is not supported by any of the continuous tracking plans. Water Proof Unit

Gps Tracker For Mini Excavators & Bob Cats

Gps Tracker Asset Protection
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