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Gridtraq Gps Tracker for Vehicles, asset and Fleet Tracker Melbourne

Premier Management System

Fleet Max is the flagship of GRITRAQ’s GPS/ GSM/ GPRS fleet management systems. Based on the leading world-

class technology, Fleet Max Gps Tracking System provides the most comprehensive, real-time vehicle management system, truly differentiating Fleet Max as a premium management system.


Compact Monitoring System

GRIDTRAQ Fleet One is aimed at bringing a low-cost, high quality

GPS/ GSM /GPRS fleet management system to the market. Purposely developed with cost saving in mind, Fleet One Gps Tracking System provides all the information necessary to run a small fleet successfully using tried and tested software reporting.


Maximum Personal Assurance                     

GRIDTRAQ Executive is designed for the individual’s personal assurance.

Ideal for use in personal vehicles, company vehicles or corporate leased vehicles, Executive Gps Tracking System focuses on systematically recording vehicle travel usage which combats unauthorized vehicle usage, reducing insurance premiums.

All information is available for you to monitor and manage in real-time through our comprehensive, user-friendly GRIDTRAQ internet web portal which can be accessed, online, from any computer with an internet connection.

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